Joint Service at St. Margaret’s Restalrig

On Sunday 3 December we will be joining with the congregations of Leith St. Andrew’s and St. Margaret’s Restalrig.

The service starts at 10.30am, there will be no service at Pilrig St. Paul’s that day.

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Sunday Worship 26/11/23

Sunday Worship 19/11/23

Remembrance Sunday

Joint Service 05/11/2023

We will be having one of our regular Joint Services with our friends from St. Margaret’s Restalrig and Leith St. Andrew’s churches.
The service this time will be taking place at Pilrig St. Paul’s, starting at 11am.

Everyone is welcome to join with the three congregations at Pilrig St. Paul’s.

Click the image below to view the service on Facebook (we can’t embed the video due to a spurious copyright claim)

Holy Communion 29/10/23

This week we will celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
All who love the Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to join fully in this Sacrament.
If you’re joining us on-line, please have some bread or a cracker and a small glass of wine or water ready .

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Sunday Worship 22/10/23

Sunday Worship 15/10/23