News Item: Easter Play
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Posted by John Innes
Monday 26 March 2018 - 11:31:29

The Edinburgh Easter Play 2018
Saturday 31st March, 2pm
Princes Street Gardens West
Free & unticketed

An old, old story told in a new way…
The story of Jesus is one of the greatest stories ever told, a story of love, suffering and redemption. It touches everyone in different ways, regardless of age, background, beliefs or no beliefs.

Every year, on Easter weekend, we present a dramatisation of the Easter story in Princes Street Gardens, at the heart of Edinburgh. Last year, it was a large-scale traditional Passion Play. In 2014, it was a radical new version by the playwright Rob Drummond, set in contemporary Scotland. This year, the Edinburgh Easter Play is a dynamic new version created in rehearsals by our talented cast and director. The story really is still being written…

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