Sunday Worship 02/01/22

Sunday Worship 26/12/21

Christmas Eve reflection

Service of Lessons and Carols

3rd Sunday in Advent

Fire at Pilrig St. Paul’s

You may be aware that we had a fire in the upstairs hall earlier this week.
There is some damage to the hall and stage which will put it out of action for some time.
The power to the building was cut while the Fire Brigade tackled the fire and won’t be restored until all the safety checks are complete.
This means we cannot hold a service in the church this week, nor can either of the halls be used.

Update 13/12/2021
The power has been restored to the building and the repair work on the hall is under way.
The Church is open for worship on Sundays and for the foodbank on Wednesdays

December Magazine

1st Sunday in Advent

Remembrance Sunday 14/11/21

Please note the service starts at 10:50am so we can join in with the National Act of Remembrance at 11am.

Sunday Worship 07/11/21 – Guild Sunday

The video will appear once we start the stream just before 11am

Call to Worship
Hymn 110 – Glory be to God the father
(During the hymn the Offering is brought forward and placed on the table)
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Introduction and Guild Theme
Reading: Psalm 139: 1 – 12 read by Marjory McMahon
Project: Beat Eating Disorders. (Fiona Rankin)
Hymn 530 – One more step along the world I go
Reading: Matthew 5: 13 – 16 read by Maureen Eunson
Project: Vine Trust (Fiona Rankin)
Guild Dedication (including The Guild Blessing)
Prayers for the World
Dedication of Offering
Hymn 237 – Look Forward in Faith
Benediction (with sung threefold Amen)