Pilrig St. Pauls Church

Pastoral Care Group

Pastoral Care in Pilrig St Paul’s

Pastoral Care    
Perceptiveness of people and the issues that they bear
Attention to the trappings and the wrappings present there,
Sincerity in listening and reflecting what we hear
Tenderness of presence to those hurting and in fear.
Openness in hearing what is different from our view
Reverence for the treasure of a life which seems askew,
Affection for the beauty beneath the surface of the skin
Love to dare and time to share for the soul alive within.
Compassion in the presence of a badly mangled life
Acceptance of the anger, the depression born of strife,
Respect for all humanity and the baggage it must bear
Enable us to share the journey as we offer Pastoral Care.

The Team
Our role as a Pastoral Care Team is to ensure that support is provided to all our members as well as those in the wider parish of Pilrig St Paul’s. The diversity of the activities we get involved with mean that we need a good mix of skills and life experience and our team has just that in good measure.

Mark Foster - Minister
Catriona Blackwood – Elder and magazine editor
Christine Edington
Ella Gilfillan
Linda Gill – Elder and Pastoral Care Team Leader
Cathy Purdie
Fiona Rankin – Elder
Jeanette Sime – Elder and Roll Keeper
Jennifer Stark - Leader Leith Churches Outreach Project

Action Plan for 2015
Our team are committed to make sure we deliver effective Pastoral Care to those in our congregation and the wider community in our parish. The following will give you a flavour of our plans for the year.

 Continue to ensure that all those in need of pastoral support receive it through delivery of flowers, visits from the Minister, Pastoral Care Team, elder, phone calls or cards.

 Investigate setting up a monthly film club with Ian Dyson from Inspiring Leith, Bethany Christian Trust.

 Establish a Book Group working jointly with Leith Library. This will use the telephone as the method to ‘meet’ that will enable us to include anyone who is housebound.

 Work together in the wider parish by meeting with Pastoral Care Teams in the other Leith Forum Churches to continue sharing ideas and encouraging ourselves in the work we undertake.

Helping Hands – if you or someone you know needs our support or help please use the contact form here to let us know. We can arrange for appropriate action to be put in place as required.

Young at Heart
The first event we have arranged for this year will take place on Wednesday 25th March and is called Young at Heart.

Young at Heart poster