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Church Magazine 202203

This is a web and mobile friendly version of the church magazine To view it in an interactive reader (better on larger screens) go to PILRIG St PAUL’S CHURCH MARCH 2022 ALL WELCOME Services take place at 11am in the Sanctuary. Services are also live streamed on Facebook, to watch live or later. At …

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Sunday Worship 27/02/22

We apologise for the technical difficulties today. The are aware the sound on this recording is distorted, we’ll endeavour to fix that for next week.

Sunday Worship 20/02/22

Sunday Worship 13/02/22

Sunday Worship 06/02/22

February 2022 Magazine

Holy Communion 30/01/22

Please have a piece of bread or cracker and a small glass of wine or water if you wish to take part in the Communion from home.

Sunday Worship 23/01/22

Sunday Worship 16/01/22

Joint Epiphany Service